Wrap Around Loft Conversion

An innovative design solution that creates additional volume with full head height in a loft conversion is the Wrap Around Dormer.

This conversion is where both a hip-end dormer and a rear dormer are constructed, wrapping around the roof. Usually finished in hanging tiles, this option provides additional floor space than a hip-end dormer or a flat roof dormer alone.

If your property has a hipped roof, which slopes on all four sides (three in the case of a semi), the scale of a conventional dormer window is usually limited on the rear and side elevations so a Wrap Around Loft Conversion is ideal.

There is a minimum height requirement for this type of conversion – in some properties the existing standing room can be limited. Get help with measuring your loft space height here. As long as your existing loft has sufficient height, a Wrap Around loft conversion is suitable for properties including Semi-detached, Detached Houses and Bungalows.

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